Life Agency Founder Ian Humphris And Former MD Rachel Deacon Launch Nokamo

‘Nokamo will create inequality in markets’

Humphris and Deacon as Nokamo co-founders will be joined by two other former LIFE execs, Rachel Jackson and Justine Roberts-Davies, in their mission to rid the SME market of camouflaged and clone brands.

Nokamo targets businesses in the B2B SME market, who have an aggressive growth target and in turn need to rapidly change their marketing to succeed. Nokamo brings the promise of exponential growth, up to 150% ahead of the market. 

Humphris said: “Nokamo is about building businesses and brands that actively discriminate themselves. We want to unhide our clients, setting them apart from the commoditised norm we see today, that suffocates fast growth for many brands.

“Our job is to create transformative propositions that haven’t been done before; pushing our clients’ businesses into “splendid isolation” to exploit the inequality of difference, while surfacing them from the swamp of samey-ness.”

But Humphris admits the consultancy won’t be for everyone.

“We only want to work with right-minded souls, who want fast growth and know that breaking the status quo is the only way to do just that. We won’t suit 8 out 10 businesses and we’re happy with that. Great work polarises. It must also agitate and undo the truths of the market. It’ll be too much for some.

“Clients need to be prepared for introspection and being vulnerable; for sacrifice and true leadership. Working together we’ll create a monopoly using lateral thinking and craft.”

Nokamo believes that clients should be able to mark on a growth graph the day they came on board. Making a real difference to clients who are personally invested in their companies is the driving force for Humphris who left LIFE after its sale to a PLC for £23 million in 2014.

He said: “It’s exciting to work with business owners and investors directly. We’ve worked with some of the best FMCG clients in the world and with some of the biggest budgets, we could have done that again – but where’s the challenge in that?

“We want to make a difference in sectors where the norm is to describe what you do and compete on price, rather than build a conspicuous brand that commands a premium. Pretty much all professional service businesses fall into that category.” 

Nokamo’s four stage strategic process, titled “Deviant Means”, applies basic principles of marketing and economics to deliver what Humphris predicts will ensure “exponential growth”.

Nokamo already has a number of SME clients, who are serviced from Nokamo’s Birmingham and London offices.

Source: Nokamo

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