Melanie Goldsmith Launches New CBD Brand, POLLEN, To The UK

Today, POLLEN, a CBD brand created by Melanie Goldsmith, co-founder and MD of alcoholic confectionary company – Smith & Sinclair – has launched in the UK, available nationwide online as well as on shelves in London’s TheDrug. Store. 

Launching with three ranges made with CBD derived from broad-spectrum hemp oil; Gummies, Drink Drops and a Botanical Soft Drink, POLLEN was created with an aim to be one of the highest quality brands on the market, developed by the award-winning innovation team behind Smith & Sinclair.

Melanie says “It was so important to me to develop a range of products with real integrity. We made sure we used natural flavourings from ingredients such as grapefruit, raspberry, turmeric and lemon and worked really hard to deliver transparency too with these ranges. All of our Hemp is US grown, fully traceable and our products are rigorously third party tested to guarantee an accurate dosage every time.”

POLLEN Drink Drops

All POLLEN Drink Drops are made with water soluble CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil and enhanced with natural flavours such as honey, vanilla, raspberry, blackcurrant and grapefruit. Individual blends have been crafted to dissolve completely into hot and cold drinks, enhancing beverages with a subtle flavour and ensuring no oily residue.

A 2ml drop provides consumers with a 10mg, 20mg or 30mg serving of CBD (depending on the SKU chosen) and each bottle comes with a measured dropper allowing for precise dosing. 

  • RRP £55 for 100ml Powerbank Drink Drops 500mg CBD
  • RRP £85 for 100ml No Pressure Drink Drops 1000mg CBD
  • RRP £135 for 100ml Soothe You Drink Drops 1500mg CBD 

For consumers wishing to trial all three variants, POLLEN have also created Starter Kits. Each Starter Kit includes: 1 x 30ml Powerbank Drink Drops (500mg CBD, vanilla and honey), 1 x 30ml No Pressure Drink Drops (1000mg CBD, raspberry and blackcurrant), 1 x 30ml Soothe You Drink Drops (1500mg CBD, raspberry and grapefruit)

  • RRP £85 for 3 x 30ml

POLLEN’s Drink Drops are currently available online at and in-store at TheDrug. Store, London.


POLLEN’s vegan gummies have been infused with 10mg CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil. This pioneering infusion technique helps to ensure consistency of dosage every time.

Each gummy is complemented by a wide range of ingredients from grapefruit and turmeric to cherry and cacao – which delivers a complex flavour profile without a trace of the distinctive aftertaste so often associated with CBD edibles.

  • RRP £35 for 30 gummies

POLLEN’s Gummies Starter Kit is a great choice for consumers looking to try CBD for the first time. The POLLEN Starter Kit includes: 6 x Powerbank Gummies (10mg CBD, cacao, lemon and orange), 6 x No Pressure Gummies (10mg CBD, turmeric, cayenne and grapefruit) and 6 x Soothe You Gummies (10mg CBD, honey and cherry)

  • RRP £25 for 18 gummies

POLLEN’s Gummies are currently available online at and in-store at TheDrug. Store, London.


Pollenade is a fruity, botanical soft drink designed to be an ideal alternative to a mid-afternoon coffee of carbonated drink.

Each 330ml can contains 15mg water soluble CBD derived from broad spectrum hemp oil. Low in sugar and only 50 calories per drink, Pollenade contains the natural juices of grapefruit, lemon and raspberry which help to create a drink that’s full of flavour but with no CBD aftertaste.

RRP £3.30 per 330ml can

RRP £18 for a box of 6 (6 x 330ml)

Pollenade is currently available online at and in-store at TheDrug. Store, London.

Source: Pollen

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