New campaign from sustainable golf brand OCEANTEE as it sponsors Cyprus Tour events

October 2020 sees the launch of the first set of brand comms developed by Beta Good for OCEANTEE – the sustainable golf brand looking to change the golf industry for the better.

OCEANTEE from Forever Beta on Vimeo.

The hero piece is a brand film that tells the story of OCEANTEE. It centres around the thought that a small change – something as small as swapping a plastic tee for a sustainable bamboo tee – can actually have a massive impact. It shows how a bamboo tee was the inspiration for setting up a brand that champions sustainability; for giving a voice to leading charities and organisations in this space; and for expanding the business beyond just tees into sustainable clothing too.

We wanted the film to feel fresh and distinctive for the category, to reflect the fact that OCEANTEE isn’t like any other golf brand on the market. It’s also purposefully been made not to make people feel bad about their choices and actions currently, but instead to inspire them to make a positive change in a playful and light-hearted way.

Ed, Managing Director and Founder of OCEANTEE said, “The OCEANTEE brand has evolved quite significantly this year and we wanted to find a way to communicate this visually.  Beta Good were the perfect agency for this because they understood that whilst we are essentially a manufacturer, products are not the driver for the brand; sustainability is. We want to use our voice to show consumers and the wider golf industry that small changes can have a huge impact and this is reflected really well in the narrative of the brand film. It was also important for our brand voice to remain light-hearted and fun which can be tricky, but I am delighted with the outcome.

Beta Good’s Head of Strategy James Dawkins said, “”Our mission has always been to help brands create positive change for good, and we believe that is exactly what OCEANTEE is doing for the golf industry. We’ve been working together on this film to show how a simple idea, and a small change, can have massive impacts on the planet. We wanted to celebrate the story in a way that felt fresh and exciting, and ultimately inspire people in the golfing world, and outside of it, to make positive changes too”

Source: Forever BETA

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