New Hyundai #Microtravel campaign inspires the discovery of local travel

Hyundai Motor Company has partnered with leading influencers to launch its green #Microtravel campaign, a content series that encourages viewers to uncover hidden gems in their local area.

Pioneering a new way of understanding what it means to travel in these times, the campaign came as global lockdown restrictions began to lift, but people were still cautious about international travel. Insights revealed the vast majority of people still feel safer remaining on home soil for now with 68% of Brits agreeing that they won’t travel internationally before the end of the year*, while only 11% of French, German, Spanish and Italian residents plan to do so**. 

With more people considering road trips and car travel than ever before for these staycations***, Hyundai saw the perfect opportunity to be at the heart of the conversation.  By creating a captivating content series, the Hyundai #Microtravel challenge inspires people to discover what lies just 200km from their front doors and shows that you don’t need to go far to experience something remarkable.

Through the eyes of protagonists in each of the brand’s key markets – London, Berlin and Seoul – Hyundai invited its audience to experience a series of authentic journeys, uncovering the very best of their local surroundings and culture from the comfort and safety of a car. Keeping in-line with Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability, the influencers explored exclusively in Hyundai’s eco-friendly vehicles, including the hydrogen fuel cell NEXO, the Kona electric vehicle and the Sonata Hybrid. This allowed the influencers to connect with nature without having a negative impact on their surrounding environment. Hyundai is pioneering hydrogen technology and aims to create a society in which people don’t have to worry about pollution as water is the only by-product of hydrogen technology.

In the same vein, influencers in each market were carefully selected to appeal to Hyundai’s target audience, who are motivated by a social conscience, inspired by innovation and technology, and lead sustainable lifestyles. In Berlin, photographer Konrad Langer, whose followers are passionate about travel, transport and technology, recorded his journey to Brandenburg. The UK’s Meg and Issy, co-founders of food and travel blog The Curious Pear, created content on a trip to Whitstable which appealed to their environmentally aware audience, and Stefanie Michova, a German model and photographer based in Seoul, took her followers on the road with her to the East Sea in South Korea.

The travel influencers created a total of x30 pieces of Instagram grid and story content, achieving a total reach of over 400,000, resulting in over 10,000 actions taken. To promote the content, Hyundai shared x15 #Microtravel campaign posts on their own social channels (Hyundai Lifestyle and Hyundai Worldwide), achieving 90k engagements. The campaign hashtag #Microtravel has 2.1k mentions on Instagram to date, and the total organic impressions for Microtravel in July was over 1.4m, across the Hyundai Lifestyle IG channel, the Hyundai Worldwide IG channel, Facebook and Twitter.

This social and digital campaign was a great way for Hyundai to engage with its younger audience; digital is the place where the brand can genuinely connect with people, showing its true soul and vision for humanity; a commitment to protect the environment for future generations, promoting a greener and more sustainable future for all.

A spokesperson from Hyundai comments:

“Despite its huge impact on the world, Covid-19 has meant that travel has had to become more sustainable. We’re emerging from our homes as more conscious travellers looking for safe alternatives to how we used to live our lives. So, we rethink cars, and we turn to microtravel. It is great to see this new way of travel being so widely adopted across Europe and the world this year, and we hope this continues into the future.”

Source: Hyundai Motor Company

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