NRMA Insurance Launches First Saturday, A Day To Help First Responders

In the spirit of help, NRMA Insurance and CHE Proximity are launching a new, purpose-driven brand platform called First Saturday. Created in partnership with NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Service and Australian Red Cross, First Saturday calls on Australians to dedicate the first Saturday of every month to helping first responders by doing one small task to make their homes safer.

First Saturday was born out of two key insights:

  1. The COVID-19 Brand Navigator Report, commissioned by NRMA Insurance, shows Australia as a nation in flux, with safety now the number one value; painting a picture of self-survival and protection
  2. In addition, with Australians spending more time in their homes, there has been a boom in DIY projects.

Against this, the initiative seeks to reframe home safety chores as meaningful help. While each task may be small, such as clearing debris from the yard, trimming branches or getting safety equipment, the problems they create when not done could be significant.

NRMA Insurance Marketing Director Sally Kiernan said, “First Saturday isn’t just another campaign, it’s an ongoing legacy of HELP, which is at the core of NRMA Insurance’s brand purpose. We’re giving Australians a reason to make their homes safer and by encouraging the completion of just one task a month, we’re making it easy for people to get involved and feel like they’re doing their bit.”

The fifth of September – the first Saturday of the campaign – marks a year since Australia’s devastating bushfires took hold. Some 6,000 firefighters and first responders rushed out to battle the blazes, risking their lives to save homes, wildlife and people. Meanwhile, the rest of the nation, and the world, watched on feeling helpless. This is an opportunity for us all to help the helpers.

The campaign was launched last night (August 16) and re-enacts four RFS NSW volunteers responding to a rural bushfire. The powerful brand film re-invigorates the conversation around how 2020 really began. A 360 integrated campaign will roll out in the lead up to the inaugural First

Saturday, on 5th of September. It includes captivating radio spots which bring to life the drama and essence of the bushfire response, as well as task-based films, social activations, newspaper spreads, OOH and many other touchpoints.

The launch spot is directed by acclaimed Director Justin Kurzel, best known for film True History of The Kelly Gang, Macbeth and Snowtown. It features real RFS NSW members who fought during last summer’s bushfires, heading towards an emergency, punctuated by now-infamous dates of fire disaster in Australia’s history.

First Saturday Director Justin Kurzel said, “It was pretty extraordinary to work with actual firefighters from RFS NSW. For them to reflect on their brave and committed actions last summer, and give such open and committed performances, was a real privilege to direct. Thanks to CHE PROXIMITY and NRMA Insurance for their boldness and trust in placing real firefighters who risked their lives at the centre of this film.”

CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer Ant White said, “Australia has a culture of dedicating days to disasters. Names like Ash Wednesday, Black Friday and Black Saturday are tragically etched into our national psyche. By dedicating a day to prevention – First Saturday – we’re hoping to create a new, more hopeful narrative.”

First Saturday begins September 5 and continues on the first Saturday of every month for the next 12 months.

Source; CHE Proximity

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