Peech launches s3xy shortcuts – a digital hack for all those communicating about s3x and s3xuality online.

Gone are the days when Big Tech and rigid algorithms control what and how to communicate. Peech is reclaiming the language and inviting everyone to join.

Shadowbanning has long been a challenge for companies and professionals who work with s3xuality and are trying to expand the conversation on s3x. Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook censor and shadowban without blinking an eye and it can be a struggle to communicate about one of the most natural things in the world.

To make matters worse, shadowbanning equals decreased exposure, which in turn has consequences for reach, engagement, and ultimately sales. Shadowbanning is therefore not just an annoying obstacle, it actually has an enormous impact on your entire business.

Since the beginning, Peech has worked around the algorithm by replacing certain letters with numbers whenever ‘forbidden’ words were used. And instead of being frustrated by something you can’t change, why not claim ownership instead? That’s why Peech is launching s3xy shortcuts – a curated list of words for you to download for free and make your communication about s3x a lot more smooth.

S3xy shortcuts is a tool for anyone who regularly communicates about s3x and s3xuality in a professional setting. It’s for companies who, like Peech, sell s3x toys, but also for s3xfluencers, and medical professionals. Basically, s3xy shortcuts is for anyone who is trying to normalize talking about s3x and wants to avoid being shadowbanned. 

In order to use s3xy shortcuts, you simply download the list of ‘forbidden’ words to your IOS device, and upload it to your keyboard shortcuts which will then autocorrect all the words that would usually get caught by the algorithm. This means that penis becomes p3nis, vulva becomes vulv4, and so on. That way, you don’t risk overlooking a word that could get you banned.

Peech is hoping to get more people talking openly about s3x with this simple open-source tool; after all, how are we ever going to change the conversation if we’re constantly being silenced?

Read more about Peech’s s3xy shortcuts and get your own s3xy shortcut right here: LINK

Source: Worth Your While

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