Peroni Nastro Azzurro Invites UK To Embrace The Italian Spirit Of LA PASSEGGIATA In New Global Marketing Campaign

Social spirit of Italy comes alive in new Peroni Nastro Azzurro advertising campaign • July 2020 sees launch of multi-channel advertising around unifying ‘Walk With Us’ message • Letter ‘From Italy to The World’ to kick-start the new campaign, starting with the UK • UK’s Number 1 Super Premium Beer brand taps into timeless Italian ritual to inspire nation

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, the UK’s Number 1 Super Premium beer brand, today launches a new global advertising campaign, ‘Walk With Us’ to reflect the heart of Italian culture as doors to UK pubs, bars and restaurants open on a wider scale. The message focuses on the time-honored Italian tradition of La Passeggiata – an early evening ritual which Italians routinely take – to walk, connect and socialise. As an important part of everyday Italian life, Passeggiata was prohibited for months during the Coronavirus lockdown in Italy so today marks an important step for the Italian brand. 

The campaign will go live across TV, radio, video on demand (VOD), print, OOH and social media, and is spearheaded by a letter, ‘From Italy to the World’ to highlight the feelings people will have experienced in recent months. People who may now have a renewed sense of appreciation for the things that they may have taken for granted – even something as simple as a walk. In calling for us to once again savor the little things, the letter encourages Britons when they emerge from their personal lockdown, to take back their streets from worry and uncertainty and walk with confidence.

Gisela Rule, Global Brands Portfolio Director, Asahi International reflects on the campaign and says, “The world is a different place now compared to a few months ago and this campaign is about taking those first steps back towards recovery, starting with the little things. Our message is one of hope and optimism: it won’t be long until the world is able to embrace the power of the small things again – like the joy of taking a walk with friends and loved ones and enjoying a beer together.”

‘Walk With Us’ is the first chapter in Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s ‘Vita Con Stile’ campaign, which launched across UK in July last yearThe campaign was based on powerful consumer insight: that ‘style’ has moved on from only reflecting the way people looked, to the projection of inner confidence – how style is expressed and the way people choose to live their lives through it. ‘Walk With Us’ takes that philosophy and explores it through the lens of society and communities drastically changed by Coronavirus. The campaign is a celebration of Italian rituals (like the Passeggiata) that have universal appeal, showcasing the concept: ‘It’s not just where we go, it’s how we get there’.

SourcePeroni and FAB News

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