Popeyes Singapore launches Chicken Hotline that turns your problems into chicken.

Life isn’t without struggles, we know that. That’s why Popeyes Singapore and Happiness Saigon are launching the Chicken Hotline. A toll-free number you can call to vent about your struggles and receive a free 6 piece Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets – so you can enjoy some *piece* of mind. 

Popeyes, the authority on fried chicken, is launching their new Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets in Singapore. But how to turn a product launch into something relevant for the entire country? 

Knowing that people in Singapore love to air out their life’s little problems (yes, really, look it up), creative consultancy agency Happiness Saigon set up a hotline for Popeyes to bring some of their signature joy to the country. 

“We know people love to vent about life’s little problems. It makes you feel better. With stress levels rising globally and good food being proven to reduce stress, we set up the Popeyes Chicken Hotline. Now when life gives you problems, Popeyes gives you chicken.” says Jazz Tonna, Partner/Creative Director at Happiness Saigon.

So, how does it work? You dial, get connected to the hotline and just explain whatever is bothering you. After you’re done venting, you will receive an sms message that will let you try Popeyes’ 6 piece Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets.

So, if your review doesn’t go your way, your shortlists didn’t turn into gold or the client didn’t go for your favorite copy: get your piece of mind from the Popeyes Chicken Hotline.

Source: Happiness Saigon

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