Ragged Edge reframes financial planning from net worth to self-worth in rebrand for advisory app Multiply

Around 16 million people in the UK have been priced out of financial advice. To bridge this gap, Multiply – the UK’s first FCA-approved automated financial advisory app – provides free expert advice that challenges people to live up to their financial potential.

Today, Multiply unveils a rebrand developed in partnership with London-based branding agency Ragged Edge, reframing financial planning from net worth to self-worth, with a rallying cry for people to invest in themselves.

Less financial wealth, more financial health

Multiply understands that money can affect how people feel about themselves. Younger generations won’t enjoy the same financial security as baby boomers, and need more guidance in their long-term planning. Yet their lack of savings severely limits the financial services they have access to. It’s a vicious circle, and it’s no wonder that younger people disengage from planning for their future.

Vivek Madlani, co-founder, Multiply, says: “Multiply exists to change the relationship that people have with their finances. Our team of advisors have put their expertise into our technology, creating a product that challenges people to stop hiding from their finances and reach their full potential. 

“We’ve developed an approach that transforms the traditional financial landscape, making it inclusive and accessible. We wanted that spirit of change to be reflected and celebrated in the new rebrand.” 

An experience that multiplies self-worth

Ragged Edge partnered with Multiply to develop a new brand strategy that would help change how people thought about financial planning. To do that, Multiply needed to step away from the conventions of the fintech category, moving the messaging from ‘product’ towards a framework filled with feeling instead.

“By reframing financial planning as less about net worth and more about self-worth, we wanted to rally people to invest in themselves,” says Max Ottignon, co-founder, Ragged Edge. “So Multiply asks you to ‘make more of yourself’. And the brand seeks to combine tough love for those who need it with a human empathy that empowers people to act.”

Provocative, human, upfront

To bring this to life, a straight-talking tone of voice and black and white colour palette are paired with lots and lots of rabbits. “Multiply. Rabbits. It just made sense,” Max explains. “But the rabbits have a strategic role. They let the brand deliver hard-hitting messages while retaining a sense of playfulness designed to keep people engaged over the long-term.”

Ragged Edge worked closely with the Multiply team throughout the process, delivering a new visual and verbal identity (including hundreds of rabbit illustrations) that would scale internally and externally, and across a full range of different channels, from the product right through to communications.

Source: Ragged Edge

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