Red Brick Road produce powerful campaign film calling for end to hunger and homelessness

Red Brick Road have joined forces with the actor Jason Isaacs to produce a powerful new campaign film calling for action to end hunger and homelessness.

The emotive film was made in support of a campaign being spearheaded by the cross-party group Compassion in Politics who say their ambition is to introduce a Bill, known informally as the Compassion Act, that would create a legal duty on the government to stop people from falling into poverty. They are also working cross-party on a number of reforms to the political system to try and introduce more respect, cooperation, and collaboration to British politics.

Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, provided the voice-over for the film which was produced despite the recent Covid lockdown – showcasing how powerful campaigning material can still be made despite the current restrictions.

Jennifer Nadel, Co-Director of Compassion in Politics, said:

“Right now, we have a unique opportunity to change our politics and the lives of millions for good. While the Covid pandemic calls its devastating halt to our normal lives, Compassion in Politics is working with politicians across parliament and academics, activists, and charities up and down the country to ensure that we use this moment to ensure that – in future – no one is allowed to go hungry or homeless.”

The proposal developed by Compassion in Politics and others would ensure that no law could be introduced by the government that pushed people close or into destitution. It would also require that future acts of parliament are, where possible, designed to reduce inequality. This would bring Westminster into line with the Scottish Parliament – the Fairer Scotland Duty requires that all public bodies, including government ministers, consider how they can reduce economic inequality in every strategic decision they take. 

Source: The Red Brick Road

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