Super-Pharm presents ‘The Beauter Academy’

, the leading beauty cosmetics retailer Israel, has announced the launch of its YouTube “”, an academy which will mould and instruct Israel’s next generation of beauty vloggers.

Like in other parts of the world, demand for online beauty and cosmetic reviews and tutorials has recently increased dramatically. To date in Israel there are over 3.5 million monthly beauty related searches and over 1 million monthly make-up & cosmetic searches, with 35% of those searches being made on YouTube.

super pharm  YouTube Beauty Academy5At the forefront of this trend lie the YouTubers. People like Zoella and Israel’s own Ashley Waxman Bakshi who attract a vast following of people who actively search for and engage with their posts. Therefore, in order to ascertain Super-Pharm’s leadership in the digital realm, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi decided to create an opportunity for young beauty conscious women to follow their passion and build a career for themselves doing what they love most.

So Super-Pharm launched a search for Israel’s next big “Beauter”. 20 candidates have been selected so far to attend the Academy which will open its door on May 16th. The academy which is based on a month-long series of biweekly workshops held in conjunction with YouTube, will teach the contestants the ins and out of beauty video blogging, from video self-presentation and video editing techniques, to journalism and social media skills.

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