The Blackout Box: Denmark’s Fragile Energy Infrastructure

The Danish Association of Engineers (FRI) raise attention to Denmark’s energy infrastructure to the most influential people in the country by hand-delivering ‘The Blackout Box’ filled, with alarming news.

In FRI’s March 2024 State of the Nation Energy & Climate, a report on the condition of Denmark’s critical infrastructure, a striking statistic is clear: Denmark’s energy infrastructure is so fragile that blackouts will be a normal part of the country’s future, unless the government invests billions of dollars to the cause. In partnership with creative agency UncleGrey, FRI delivered ‘The Blackout Box’ to send a warning to the country’s 40 most powerful people in social, politics, and media. The box includes:

  • The ‘State of the Nation’ report with recommendations on how to invest to improve the country’s blackouts
  • A flashlight 
  • A power bank 
  • An emergency blanket 
  • Canned food and a water canteen 

“Blackout Box is basically ‘Famously Effective’ in a box. It’s a fame activation that has gotten Danish politicians to take notice and discuss something as boring it energy infra structure – even going so far as to get a record download of the report,” Lars Samuelsen, Creative Chairman at Uncle Grey notes.

Recipients include The Denmark Minister of Energy, Chief editors at the biggest national newspapers, energy/climate experts from Think Tanks, and key influencers from podcasts, TV and radio. Each box includes a tailor-made cover letter to fit the stakeholder’s POV on energy, and a call-to-action on how to help FRI prevent blackouts in Denmark.

To make FRI’s recommendations come to life each element within the Blackout Box was designed to tell a story from the report by using facts, figures and key messaging.

The ‘Blackout Box” is a large push to influence Denmark’s upcoming political discussions for the 2025 Finance Act 2025, where the budget allocations are determined for the country.

Alongside the hand-delivered Blackout Box, a LinkedIn social media campaign further targets key decision stakeholders.

Source: Uncle Grey

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