The first ever candy ad for men. Сreated in Ukraine

Trufalie by AVK is a Ukrainian brand of truffle candies. For many years, they have positioned themselves as “candies of the exquisite taste” focusing on women. Here is what their communication looked like before.

Trufalie is He

The first candy for men was created in Ukraine

We know that this is the time of Christmas creativity. Christmas always means presents including sweets for women, children… and that’s it? How about sweets for common adult men?

We live in a world of equal rights but how often did you see a candy commercial for men? We have not seen even once. It sounds like a stereotype that sweets are only for children and women. That is why, we turned Trufalie into the first candy for men (in Ukraine for sure), so that every man has a legal right to a candy.

Source: Michurin

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