This Packaging Design Is Trash And We Are Proud Of It!

The amount of packaging waste that’s left behind by consumers is a serious threat to our environment. In EU alone a total of 78.9 million tonnes of packaging waste is generated every year because brands don’t work on improving it or designing it in a more sustainable way.

These days, the shelves of all stores in Croatia are being stocked with the first Violeta product designed with the environment in mind. It’s toilet paper, the product we all need and use and don’t think about too much on a daily basis.

The packaging of Violeta’s new toilet paper is designed as any other packaging in its category except that this has an integrated closure strap typical for bin bags. This little packaging intervention has resulted in a product with a mission.

The new Violeta toilet paper with dual purpose packaging has the potential to reduce total waste production annually by 10,552 kg. It may be a small step, but it is the first in a responsible direction.

This packaging bag and toilet paper made from 100% recycled material are a small step towards keeping things from going down the drain fast! Bag, besides serving as packaging, is also a 100% recyclable waste bag. Its dual use has a higher purpose because at Violeta we believe that packaging does not have to be wasted. Instead, it can be used for waste disposal. So say goodbye to overproduction and say hello to excessive and harmful use of plastic.

From the beginning, Saatchi & Saatchi Croatia participated in the development of the idea and the design of the packaging. We hope our project will inspire other brands to start rethinking how their own packaging can be designed in a more sustainable way and encourages consumers to start thinking of the possibilities to use all sorts of packaging as waste disposal bags.  

Statement from Ivan Tanić, CD at Saatchi & Saatchi Croatia: “This time we decided not to use standard branding methods, convenient naming principles or design a logo with an “eco” illustration. We decided to try to create a branded product with a mission to raise public awareness and awareness in our industry about the environmental impact of consumer goods.”

Statement from Violeta: “Violeta announces that this is only the first in a series of planned products that will be launched one after another with an aim to increase public awareness about the need to rethink how to make packaging more sustainable.”

Source: Saatch & Saatchi Croatia and Violeta

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