Two Yorkshire agencies partner to launch innovative new AI data product to help businesses grow B2B sales

Ampli and Third Foundation join forces to launch first of its kind Artificial Intelligence solution for B2B sales growth

Two agencies have brought together their expertise to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) product which could revolutionise the efficiency and success of business to business (B2B) sales processes. 

Jason Horsman of Ampli and Michael Ward of Third Foundation

In a year when growing sales is going to be more of a priority than ever, AI experts Third Foundation and specialist B2B sales growth agency Ampli have agreed an exclusive partnership, having identified a gap in the market to use AI in a quicker, more efficient and more accessible way to accelerate sales growth. 

Most businesses have a wealth of marketing, sales and operations data held in disparate systems, different formats and of varying quality. The Ampli Prospect Blueprint Data solution will collate all of this data, regardless of the format/location it is held in, and merge it with relevant third-party data. From this it will build a precise, rapid, cloud-based view of an organisation’s prospect universe, and a customer’s likeliness to connect and engage, which hasn’t been possible up until now. 

Third Foundation has developed the proprietary technology, using Ampli’s industry experience to ensure the AI has a unique understanding of the challenges facing sales directors, particularly at the present time. 

Ampli was launched in 2020 by Jason Horsman, the former MD of Golley Slater PRM, to fix the common leaks in a B2B sales funnel, ensuring that sales efforts are prioritised around the most promising prospects.

Jason says: “This will enable organisations to use AI to transform their sales and marketing functions – it’s a genuinely exciting development which previously would have been perceived as impossible due to the technology required. When I launched Ampli, discussions were already underway with Third Foundation to create the AI, and they are the ideal partner for us to do this with. We really believe this is groundbreaking – it can be introduced into any existing system or technology, and the speed at which the data is analysed means real change can be delivered extremely quickly. The priority for sales directors right now has got to be understanding the world of their potential customers and targeting efforts at the most likely prospects. This will help them do just that, representing the fastest route to sustainable and profitable sales growth.”  

The Ampli Prospect Blueprint Data solution is suitable for any B2B business which has a significant amount of data held within the organisation. The technology is 100% GDPR compliant and capable of plugging into any existing infrastructure. Third Foundation, which boasts a number of blue-chip clients, is a Google Cloud partner. 

Michael Ward, Third Foundation’s CEO, said: “So many companies use their data inefficiently – very few, even at the more successful end of the spectrum, are fully optimising the data they have. At Third Foundation we have already made significant progress enabling B2B organisations to use AI to transform their sales and marketing functions, but Ampli’s take on the B2B sales funnel, coupled with their experience and knowledge of B2B sales in general, was something that really resonated with us. Integrating our data expertise with Ampli’s understanding of sales processes, this new technology can be at the very heart of sales and marketing strategies. It is easy to use and gives businesses the tools they need to make sense of the data they have extremely quickly with no unseen bias.”

Third Foundation and Ampli are both members of Pimento, Europe’s largest virtual agency network.

Source: Third Foundation & Ampli

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