Vitality launches discounts at Waitrose and Partners with new TV campaign

Vitality, the innovative insurance and investment business, has launched an exclusive new partnership with Waitrose & Partners.

VitalityHealth and VitalityLife members* will now be able to access cashback of up to 25% – or up to 40% for members with both life and health insurance – on the supermarket’s Good Health food range in all Waitrose shops and on, with the amount of cashback available directly correlating with the level of physical activity a member has done the previous month. By collaborating with Waitrose & Partners, people will be further supported to make positive and healthy nutritional choices. 

In the 30” launch TVC, Vitality’s now familiar apathetic sausage dog, Stanley, is typically unimpressed by the brand’s efforts to help people stay healthier. This time it’s not exercise that upsets the grumpy hound; it’s his owner’s decision to ‘go all healthy’ with his cooking. Despite the delicious meal from Waitrose & Partners’ Good Health range – which his owner polishes off – Stanley has his hopes pinned on an alternative meal. ‘Well you wolfed that down,’ complains Stanley, ‘but I’m the one that gets called an animal.’

Created and produced by SNAP London – and directed by Will Clark via Merman – the TVC will form part of a wider campaign in print and digital to launch the partnership and Vitality’s focus on nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The partnership with Waitrose & Partners is the next evolution for the brand’s scientifically backed Vitality Programme that uses the power of incentives to encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices. It is part of their Shared Value approach to business, a virtuous circle whereby everyone benefits from a person being healthier – themselves, the insurer and wider society as a whole.

Keith Kropman, Chief Marketing Officer for Vitality said: “Health and wellbeing sit at the very core of our business, and time and time again we have seen how incentives can positively impact people’s lives by supporting them to change their behaviour, get more physically active and make healthier choices.” 

“Embedded within this strategy is our Vitality Programme and a preventative approach to better health, within which good nutrition in very important. We’re delighted to be working with Waitrose & Partners to further incentivise people to make healthier food choices.”

Oliver Lewis-Barclay, Managing Partner at SNAP, added:“Most people understand that Vitality rewards getting active, but this new partnership gives us the chance to add depth to people’s understanding of the brand’s role, with a further focus on healthy eating as well as exercise. However, a discount on healthy food isn’t going to be popular with everyone. If you are what you eat, then Stanley the Dachshund is perfectly happy being a sausage.”

Source: SNAP London

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