With the new Renault Kangoo Van « Open for big things »

Since the launch of the first generation, Renault Kangoo Van has always been able to innovate to meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals. The new Renault Kangoo Van is no exception to the rule, offering a new design but also a major innovation: “open sesame by RenaultTM “, the side opening of 1.45m without a central pillar, which makes it the widest side access in its category.

To highlight this innovation, which provides an unparalleled level of practicality, Renault and Publicis Conseil produced a campaign featuring a craftsman developing his business using the new Renault Kangoo Van.

Open for big things…

In this campaign, New Renault Kangoo accompanies the development and success of a craftsman.  It all began when a young father decided to make a wooden chair for his little girl. The chair was a great success and very quickly a small family business developed.

A repeated visual process referring to the side opening “open sesame by RenaultTM” accompanies us throughout the film, punctuated by the little girl’s voice telling us the different stages of the success of this enterprise.

This campaign, based on very human storytelling, makes it possible to treat the subject of LCV vehicles emotionally and aesthetically. Renault and Publicis Conseil are thus proposing a communication that breaks the rules of the segment, which are generally only product-oriented. 

Nevertheless, the “Open Sesame by RenaultTM” innovation remains the central element, presenting the vehicle as to the perfect tool for professional success.

Arnaud Belloni, Renault Brand global Chief marketing officer Renault :“New Renault Kangoo Van had a major innovation with Open sesame by RenaultTM. It seemed obvious to us to highlight this feature and make it the creative centrepiece of this campaign”.


Renault – Brand Team

Arnaud Belloni 

Laurent Aliphat 

Marika Doulas  

Aurore Henry

Publicis Conseil 

President: Agathe Bousquet

President overseeing the creativity: Marco Venturelli

Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara          

Artistic Director: Yves-Eric Deboey

Copywriter: Mathieu Degryse

Agency producer: Caroline Petruccelli

Account team: Hugues Reboul, Grégoire Verdet, Frederik Volpert, Arnault Bernardin, Téa Jeansonnie


Director: Lope Serrano

DOP: Kasper Andersen

Production : Diplomats

Producer : Solal Micenmacher

Line Producer : Guillaume Le François

Production exe:  B2Y

Postproduction: Mikros

Edit: Nicolas Larrouquere

Calibration:  Mathieu Toullet

Sound: Start-Rec

Music: « La nuit américaine (Georges Delerue) »

Source: Publicis Conseil

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