Y&L and IFBI Announce Local Super Bowl Spot

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance (IFBI), and its AOR, Indianapolis-based independent agency, Young & Laramore, have announced the launch of their ninth annual local Super Bowl campaign. 

The campaign plays on the idea that everybody is good at something—like bringing all the groceries inside in a single trip, or perfecting the exact right cereal-to-milk ratio, and it’s okay if insurance isn’t one of those things because Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is very, very good at insurance. 

The campaign will run across numerous forms of video and audio in the state of Indiana — including live sports broadcasts (Super Bowl, Indiana Pacers, March Madness, 2020 Summer Olympics), Hulu, drivetime radio, etc. The idea is to find those moments when audiences are highly engaged with the content they are consuming.

The biggest challenge that the agency faces with IFBI is making people care about insurance; they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to hear about it. 

This leads to strategic placement during each year’s big game, which has proven to have a real impact by not only adding a certain weight to the message, but also laying the groundwork for all of the brand’s ads and promotions in various media that consumers will encounter throughout the year.

The campaign takes aim at encouraging ‘insurance avoiders’ to get in contact with IFBI, leaving their insurance to the experts that know it best so they can focus on what they know best. For each execution, the agency sought out actors and actresses who could personify the people who are really, exaggeratedly, “good” at the scenario—giving fishing advice, running a bake sale, giving a pep talk to a first-time skydiver. 

“It’s so great being able to show people being good at really specific things—because it’s true. Everybody is good at something, even if it’s offbeat or unusual. For most people, it’s definitely not insurance. That’s where Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance can help,” says Trevor Williams, Principal, Executive Creative Director.

“We love making our agents the hero—they offer expertise and an ongoing relationship, which is what makes them good at helping people with insurance.” says Kari St. Clair, Executive Director, Marketing Services at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

Source: Young & Laramore

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