Absolut Are Opening Their Doors And Welcome All To Absolut Home

This August, a must-see destination will be opened in Sweden – the new Absolut Home. For the first time, the public will get a chance to go behind the scenes and experience one of the world’s most iconic brands and learn how one of best vodkas is produced from seed to finished bottle.

The brand home is being built in an extensively renovated villa, adjacent to the company’s vodka distillery. The distillery is the home of one of the world’s most famous spirit brands, currently producing around 600,000 bottles of vodka per day through one of the world’s most sustainable distillation processes.

“In the Swedish town of Åhus, millions of bottles of Absolut Vodka are produced every year, and sent to more than 150 countries. Every drop – from seed to the bottle – is distilled here. And now, you can get to know Absolut inside out, learning about the philosophy, ambitions and the people who make our vodka unique. This gives us a unique opportunity to show how we make our vodka, and how it became one of the most famous spirit brands in the world,” says Johan Trollnäs, Site Manager at Absolut Home.

The Absolut Experience is a guided tour through the company’s history, explaining how the vodka was created, introducing the people behind it, and describing how Absolut became one of the world’s most recognisable brands. The experience ends with a tasting session in the extraordinary environment of the Absolut Home.

There’s also an Absolut Cocktail Master Class, where visitors will be able to create their own cocktails together with the house bartenders, learning about vodkas taste and character, as well as smart tips and cocktail experts’ best-kept secrets.

The house also contains a restaurant, run by well-recognised chef Fredrik Wallgren.

“The food in Restaurant Villan reflects Swedish gastronomy, just like Absolut does. Ingredients from the local region will be served with delicious drinks. Our goal is for Absolut Home to strengthen Sweden’s reputation as a culinary destination,” said Fredrik.

In connection with Absolut Home, a new limited-edition bottle – Absolut Åhus – will be launched, designed by Ola Kalnins. Absolut Åhus will be available for purchase in the town’s Systembolaget (the government-owned chain of liquor stores) and will be available to order internationally.

Source: Stendahls

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