Anomaly’s social-first campaign for Android showcases how the new Foldables support Gen Z in unfolding their talents

“Open for more”: In the cross-brand campaign with Google Pixel and Samsung, creators illustrate the possibilities offered by the innovative Android smartphones by capturing their creative process with the new Foldables.

Android has launched a social-first campaign centered around its Foldables, designed to appeal especially to younger users. And as authentically as possible: through the lenses of creators. This cross-brand campaign for Google Pixel and Samsung uses the power of social native content to show how Android Foldables literally open up new worlds for users. The campaign has been developed by Anomaly Berlin and Anomaly London working together.

The “Open for more” campaign consists of two complementary parts: firstly, a social native content part created by digital creators – marking Android’s first tailored social campaign in Germany. Secondly, a series of brand films that complement the social media content which are directed by Paul Hermann and produced by top German production company, BWGTBLD. 

In addition to the Hero brand films, other 15- and 6-second films highlight innovative product features such as hands-free selfies via Google Assistant, Google Live translations, hands-free video calls with Google Meet on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or multitasking on the large displays of the Google Pixel Fold and Samsung Galaxy Fold5. Multitasking makes it possible for creative people to answer emails and edit photos at the same time using a split screen, for example, or to open a presentation or practise their own art in parallel during a video call.

Adam Koppel, Group Creative Director at Anomaly, says: “This multi-brand campaign with Google Pixel and Samsung shows that great things can be achieved when you open yourself up to ideas, possibilities, people and opinions. The challenge was to find a common ground for each brand. “Open for more” became a really strong concept. The Foldables from Samsung and Google Pixel literally open up more possibilities. And Google is helping to make the most of them. Android is an operating system that has always been open to everyone. Working with creatives just felt right because it allowed us to bring this principle to life in an authentic and relevant way.”

The campaign starts in Germany and will be extended to Spain.

Agency: Anomaly Berlin, Anomaly London
Director: Paul Hermann
Production company: BWGTBLD

Source: Anomaly

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