Bayer Comes Up With A New Use For That Little Pocket In Your Jeans

In a campaign supported by major Brazilian fashion brands, Bayer reframes the tiny jeans pocket to remind consumers about the importance of always having an Aspirin on hand

Bayer Aspirin is recommended for a variety of health problems, from relieving headaches to playing a key role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

To remind people about how important it is to have an Aspirin on you when you need one, Bayer is launching an ad campaign created by AlmapBBDO, aimed mainly at young people and tapping into a subject that the target is keenly interested in: fashion.

The insight came from a question: “Why do jeans have a tiny pocket?” The compartment, which arose with the pants in the Wild West and was originally used to store pocket watches, has been without a purpose for over a century, but remains a part of the design to this day. “Based on that premise, we came up with an initiative to redefine the function of the pocket, suggesting that it be used exclusively to store  Bayer Aspirin® – which, for that matter, fits perfectly in it,” says Luiz Sanches, Chairman & CCO of AlmapBBDO.

As Cristina Hegg, Director of Marketing for Consumer Health at Bayer, sees it, the campaign not only speaks to young audiences, but it also emphasizes the importance of self-care. “In a recent survey conducted with IPEC on how Brazilians see self-care, 75% of respondents said they are frequently in pain, with headaches being the second most common complaint. In the fast-paced world we live in, there’s no reason for us to feel pain that keeps us from moving forward in our daily lives.”

The move is supported by three Brazilian fashion brands – Amapô, Lilly Sarti, and Oriba – and includes a limited-edition line of pants with eight different patterns on the mini-pocket to highlight its new function and remind people about Bayer Aspirin®.

The initiative will be launched on the covers of the Brazilian editions of Vogue and GQ, including a digital fashion show . Moreover, in order to generate awareness and reinforce the use of the pocket to store the product, the brand will be backed up by 40 influencers, including Luciana Gimenez (@lucianagimenez), John Drops (@Johndrops), and Mareu (@msuconic), who will publicize the move to use the mini-pockets on their social media. 

Select members of our team of influencers will restyle their own pants, kick-starting a DIY movement to encourage consumers to follow suit. The campaign, whose media strategy was also developed by AlmapBBDO, may be seen on Bayer’s social media, as well as via Amapô, Lilly Sarti, and Oriba. Offline, meanwhile, a branded content push involves OOH offshoots, among other pieces.

Credits – Bayer Aspirin Mini Pockets

AlmapBBDO CCOs: Luiz Sanches and Pernil

AlmapBBDO Creative Director: Pedro Corbett

AlmapBBDO Creatives: Gabriel Carletti, Hélio Maffia, and Luz Arroyo

Design: Marcus Sulzbacher, Antonio Belchior Neto, Paulo Lima Altieri, and Dieter Trupel

AlmapBBDO Liaisons: Camila Massari, Fernanda Portugal, Marcus Avena, and Manuella Gavioli

AlmapBBDO Media: Fernanda Zenteno, Manuela Day, Felipe Benevides, Angelo Dell’Arciprete Ferronato, and Luana Guerra Gallizzi

AlmapBBDO Content: Chris Mello, Yara Tieppo, Geraldo Gonçalves

Graphic Production: José Roberto Bezerra, Marcos de Souza

EnergyBBDO CCOs: Pedro Perez and Josh Gross

EnergyBBDO Creative Director: Allison Hayes

EnergyBBDO Planning: Larry Gies and Doug Malcolm

EnergyBBDO Liaisons: Javier Bracero, Amanda Nieman, and Donna Wilson

Approval: Patricia Corsi, Reese Fitzpatrick, Trevor Thrun, Amalia Chondromatidou, Philipp Schuster, and Andrea Guerriero

Source: AlmapBBDO

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