Bensons For Beds “Sleep Well. Stay Well” Campaign In Response to Covid-19

Bensons for Beds has today released a new campaign in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic titled, “Sleep Well. Stay Well”. In order to keep their customers and employees safe they have temporarily closed all their stores, factories and distribution centres. They now want to create a platform to remind people of the value in getting a good night’s sleep at this difficult time. 

Created by VCCP (with just 10 days from brief to execution) the 30” TV spot shows a variety of people sleeping while a soothing voice over tells the viewer about the benefits of sleep, “a natural way to help you stay physically and mentally healthy.” 

Helen Nunn, Marketing Director at Bensons for Beds said about the campaign “This is a great response for these challenging times. With this campaign we want to highlight the role of a good night’s sleep in keeping both mentally and physically well. This is the first step in a new campaign that we are creating with VCCP.”

Dan Colley, Executive Creative Director at VCCP added “At a time like this, it’s heartwarming to see brands helping people and Bensons is no exception. Instead of pushing quality product, this film provides sound advice, reminding us there’s something we can all do to help ourselves: getting a good night’s sleep refreshes the mind and can even boost the immune system. Maybe I’ll switch off my Netflix a little earlier tonight.”

Source: VCCP

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