BETC Paris’ Introduces ‘Pinocchio 2.08’ in new Peugeot Ad

Following Peugeot 208’s great commercial success since its initial launch a year and a half ago, Peugeot presents a second wave of communication with a poetic little film created by BETC Paris. The Peugeot 208 is an intuitive and ergonomic car, built for a pleasant and stimulating driving experience that awakens the body.

BETC has made a sweet, modern version of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale of Pinocchio, the wooden sculpture who dreamt of becoming a real doll. Peugeot’s reinvented Pinocchio is a robot coming to life through the sensations he experiences when taking the Peugeot 208 for a drive.

The film was directed by Xavier Maraisse through Wanda and the music is the song “Photomaton” by Jabberwocky.

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