Clifton Halloween Spectacle: Wednesday 31st October

This Halloween night saw Clifton Suspension Bridge fall victim to a ghoulish spectacle like no other.

In a pop-up animation that cast the Bristol landmark into a whole new light, a 200ft 3D Halloween projection caused plenty of shrieks come the witching hour.

The animation followed the story of two graffiti artists spraying the underside of the bridge who disturb a troll living there, only to incur the full force of his wrath.

The monstrous mischief was a joint project from Bristol-based creative agencies Taxi Studio and Play Nicely. The gruesome twosome waited until the spookiest night of the year to unveil their dark secret, giving invited guests a frightful sight they won’t quickly forget.

Spencer Buck Creative Director at Taxi Studio says: “Bristol is a bastion of irreverence and invention – nowhere else has such an eclectic mix of collaborative, unpretentious creativity. Mr. Brunel, Banksy, Aardman,

Massive Attack, Roni Size and countless others have made our city world famous. It’s a city to love, and love being part of”.

The projection took place on Wednesday 31st October at 8:30pm.

View the activity here

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