Find Kerrygolds Recipe for Special Moments Inside The Magical Pantry

Interactive experience by Energy BBDO and makemepulse enables parents and children to connect in the kitchen

Butter brand Kerrygold have launched ‘The Magical Pantry’, a globally accessible interactive experience which enables parents to bring their children into the world of cooking by combining magical children’s stories, and Kerrygold recipes, into a unique digital experience that offers parents and their children a way to connect in the kitchen.

Young cooks and their parents are able to follow a selection of recipes to create culinary delights as well as learn real cooking techniques such as blending, mixing and serving up by physically replicating the gestures in the experience.

See the experience here:

Little visitors are first invited to pick one of forty available recipes at different levels of ability, select any dietary requirements and choose one of four stories within which to make them. The children can fully customise their fables’ main character. With an emphasis on empowerment, diversity and inclusivity (the characters aren’t gendered), there are endless personalisation combinations: hair, eye, mouth, nose and even eyebrow colours are all fully customisable.  Sound design further immerses users into the stories with sound effects on each of the cooking interactions.

With the idea being to create a children’s book, makemepulse worked with illustrator Dan Gartmann which was a different approach to the interactive studio. They used their WebGL expertise to animate Gartmanns 2D crafted illustrations creating a living, breathing children’s book.

Nicolas Rajabaly, Co founder and Chief Creative Officer, makemepulse said: “Bonding with our children over food is a tradition embedded into our family life all around the world. So being able to create this experience and combine craft, technological know-how and storytelling for such a magical project that parents can enjoy with their kids has been a real joy.”

makemepulse worked with illustrator Dan Gartmann to create key facial pieces and expressions which children can pick and choose when building their avatar.

For those children who don’t yet know how to read, an audiobook option is available.

SourceEnergy BBDO Chicago

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