Forever Beta offers Elon Musk 5% of its business to be the first agency on Mars

Creative agency Forever Beta wants to be the first agency on Mars. And to bring this dream one step closer on the 260 million Kilometer journey to realisation, it has offered Elon Musk a 5% share of the company so he’ll take them with him when he goes.

Dear Mr. Musk,

How’s it hanging?
We’re a plucky, independent, innovative and creative agency based in Shoreditch, London that believes creative work is not rocket science, but that maybe, it could be.
As we closely follow your amazing, ever-evolving plan of colonising Mars, we become more and more convinced that we will all need to be creative up there, in order to make the most out of the red. Let’s face it, how else are you going to sell space biscuits or Martian couture? The good news is, we are up to that task.

So here’s the deal: as big fans, we would love to work alongside you on this project by offering you a 5% share in our agency today. Yes, to have you as a partner would be an honor, but it would also guarantee us a lift to Mars to set up the Martian office of Forever Beta. We promise not to take up too much space.

As proof of our humble but honorable intentions, we’ve included in this package the “e” from the front door sign. It belongs to Beta and it is signed by the team. Let’s say it stands for “Elon” from now on.
While The Mars Office is in the near future, don’t forget this offer also makes you a partner of our UK Office, here on Earth. You’ll be provided with a locker for your flamethrowers and gym kit (We have Yoga sessions on Wednesday lunchtime with the lovely Maria). And should you wish to cycle to work we have a very secure bike rack (although there probably isn’t enough space for your rockets). If you wish to travel to work via space might we suggest parking at Hackney Marshes and catching the bus in.

We will follow-up with an official contract, but please take this letter as your official offer, as it is signed by our CEO Robin Gadsby. And if you feel like boarding this new adventure, we would ask you to send it back signed, so we can start legal procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard the good spaceship


Everyone at Forever-Beta

Creative Paulo Areas comments:  “Some of the most enduring life-changing ideas have blasted into our consciousness not because someone asked “why?” but because someone asked “why not?”. As much as we can predict and plan, let’s not forget the greatness of daring. At any scale.  If Elon Musk and his rockets can get us to Mars, we can be the first agency up there. Why not?”

Source: Forever Beta

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