Johan Boserup named Global CEO GroupM Trading

In a move to further enhance the group’s media buying and trading resources GroupM is bringing in Johan Boserup from Omnicom to lead the Global Trading discipline as Global CEO GroupM Trading.

Johan will report into Juergen Blomenkamp, a member of the global executive committee, and Dominic Proctor, Global President.

“I am thrilled that Johan is joining GroupM,” said Juergen Blomenkamp. “We will work together to strengthen the existing strategy and direction for GroupM Trading, and to build on our current success to create even better results for our clients in the future.”

Boserup is one of the most experienced global media traders in the world. He joins GroupM after 17 years with Omnicom Media Group – serving for the past five years as the Worldwide Chief Trading & Accountability Officer, responsible for media buying across the group. Alongside his trading experience, Johan has a background in digital media.

“Over the last couple of years we have successfully established robust global trading organizations in each of the agencies. In his new role Johan will be tasked with bringing the media trading discipline even closer together across the group,”Juergen Blomenkamp adds.

Johan will accelerate the leverage of GroupM’s market leading scale to create opportunities across the four agency networks within the group. The media trading landscape is facing extreme change and the traditional models are under more pressure than ever. Together with the agencies, Johan will continue to drive new media trading models to generate even more value for our clients.

“In media trading, scale will always be important,” Boserup says, “and in that respect GroupM can offer its clients something that other agency groups can’t. As a competitor I have seen GroupM prove again and again to be capable of great things and I am thoroughly looking forward to becoming part of that success. I remain humble to the challenge, but I have already identified areas that I will be working on with the teams and I am confident we will be able to deliver significant incremental value to GroupM’s clients.”

Johan Boserrup will join in the first half of 2013, and will be based in London where he lives with his family.

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