“Life is a puzzle that eBay can help solve”

New brand campaign launches ahead of the biggest retail period of the year.

eBay has unveiled a new through-the-line campaign at a time when economic uncertainty is driving more and more of the British public to buy and sell on the platform.

The creative focuses on the rise of consumers selling the things they no longer need to fund the things they do, feeding a circular economy which ensures you can find whatever you need on eBay.  Due to the stamp duty freeze, we’ve also seen a surge in house moves – the TV spot showcases a moment we can all relate to – the first moment you move into a new home with a loved one, and discover that ‘moving in together is a puzzle that eBay can help you solve’. 

The TV spot titled ‘Puzzle’, created by McCann and Craft London, begins as we join a young couple in the midst of unpacking. It highlights how when you move in together, you’re piecing together two separate lives to create something unified. Some things from your old life still fit, while others no longer do… and eBay is there to help you sell those items and buy new pieces to start your new life together. 

On a craft-level, a novel approach to production was taken. Working around COVID-19 restrictions led to casting a real couple, with genuine on-screen chemistry. And all the puzzle pieces that held items, or holes that dotted the walls, were all set-built and shot for real. As vinyl players slotted in records spun around, lava lamps lit up and no detail was left to chance. The action was also sound-tracked to cult 1970s hit ‘Come and Get Your Love’ by Redbone, embracing the timeless nostalgia of the eBay platform. 

The film is accompanied by a broader integrated campaign, including topical radio scripts. Each spot in the series playfully heroes a different slice of life during lockdown, through the items we all ended up spontaneously acquiring – from exercise bikes, power drills and smoothie makers – that can now be sold to fund items to enjoy on a nice Autumn break. Once again showing how life comes together when you buy, sell eBay. 

Commenting on the new work, Rebecca McKee – Head of UK Brand at eBay said: “During these testing times, it’s important that we at eBay continue to bring people together, to inspire connections, and champion commerce that goes deeper than products. We’re about real people’s lives. This upbeat ad shows how eBay enables people to make money by selling the things they no longer need to fund new purchases- with the added bonus of encouraging sustainable shopping, showcasing the great value offered on eBay  (the TV is a refurb model- offering fantastic value) and supporting entrepreneurism. ”

Matt Searle, Senior Creative Lead said“eBay prides itself on being a marketplace that brings joy to people’s lives. And for us, it was a joy seeing directors Dom & Nic (Outsider) work their magic to bring the premise to life. The idea we had of ‘moving in together is a right ol’ puzzle’ could have been a production puzzle in itself; but through clever set build and stunning craft, we captured it all in-camera to tell a very real and relatable story with bags of charm, and character.”

Agency Credits: 

McCann London

Business Leadership 

Managing Partner – Sailesh Jani
Account Director – Tom Oliver 

Snr Account Manager – Conor Lloyd 
Account Manager – Katie Dumbrell


CCO – Laurence Thomson 

CCO – Robert Doubal 
ECD – Sanjiv Mistry

ECD – Jamie Mietz
Senior Creative Leads – Olly Wood
Senior Creative Leads – Matt Searle

Jr Copywriter – Twyla Liden 
Jr Art Director – Holly Henderson

Strategy Director – Harrison Steinhart


Head of Design – Lisa Carrana
Creative Director Studio – Jade Sheppard

Project Management 

Project Manager – Georgia Wettenhall 


Production Broadcast 

Chief Production Officer – Sergio Lopez

Exec Producer – Jonathan Davis  

Senior Producer – Tom Ayling 


Production Company – Outsider Director – Dom Hawley and Nic Goffey

Producer – John Madsen

Online Edit – Black Kite  

Sound Engineer – Adam Smyth (Strings n Tins)


Audio Production Company– Strings & Tins 

Sound Design – Adam Smyth
Additional Sound Design – Jim Stewart, Joe Wilkinson
Audio Producer – Alina Miroshnichenko

Radio Sound Design – Giselle Hall

Post Production

Post Production Company – Untold Studios

ECD: Neil Davies

VFX lead: Rebecca Clay, Matt Kavanagh 

VFX Artists: George Rockliffe, Sebastian Caldwell, Thiago Villas Boas, Fred Heymans, Leandro Vasquez, Ashley Tyas

Executive Producer: Tom Igglesden


Music Supervior – Chris Graves

Song – Come And Get Your Love 

Composer – Lolly Vegas

Publisher – Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd

Artist – Redbone

Label – Sony Music Entertainment


McCann London: Creative 

ECD – Sanjiv Mistry

ECD – Jamie Mietz
Senior Creative Leads – Olly Wood
Senior Creative Leads – Matt Searle

Senior Copywriter – Simon Lotze

Senior Art Director – Richard Holmes

Craft: Production 

Exec Producer – Jonathan Davis  

Senior Producer – Tom Ayling 

Sound Engineer – Giselle Hall 

Client Credits: 

eBay UK CEO – Rob Hattrell 

eBay UK Head of Brand – Rebecca McKee 

eBay UK Senior Marketing Manager – Maria Betes 

eBay UK Marketing Manager – Harley Ilott

Source: McCann

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