Mark Firth appointed CEO of Verasity and VeraViews

The experienced executive will lead the blockchain platform and open-ledger advertising ecosystem

Verasity, a protocol and product layer blockchain platform, has appointed veteran technology-focused lawyer, Mark Firth, as CEO of Verasity, and of VeraViews, Verasity’s open-ledger advertising ecosystem that prevents ad fraud.

Mark Firth – CEO , Verasity & VeraViews

Mark will be responsible for leading the next stage of VeraViews’ expansion as it continues to develop its ad stack and advertising ecosystem – which is powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), and built around Verasity’s patented ‘Proof of View’ (PoV) fraud identification module.

Prior to joining Verasity, Mark spent eight years as Director and General Counsel AMEA at investment company Prosus Group, where he oversaw investments in dozens of companies, including tech unicorn Dubizzle, the leading classifieds platform for users in the United Arab Emirates.

RJ Mark, founder of VeraViews and its parent company Verasity, remains on board and will continue to contribute to business development, actively supporting the company’s core team behind the scenes.

Mark Firth says: “I am a solutions-oriented executive and I understand how digital advertising works, having overseen hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investment in the sector. As a result, I am very familiar with the challenges of ad fraud, and very excited to lead Verasity into a new era of expansion, growth and innovation, and to be part of a team that is developing cutting-edge blockchain technology to combat digital ad fraud.

“The response from the community since I joined Verasity has been nothing short of positively overwhelming. I have never met such a passionate and enthusiastic group of people.”

Verasity and VeraViews founder RJ Mark says: “To strengthen our leadership, I am pleased to appoint Mark Firth as the new CEO and General Counsel of Verasity, effective immediately. With more than two decades of experience as a director and in-house counsel in global markets, he is well equipped to lead Verasity forward.”

Source: VeraViews

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