Neil A Dawson & Company Create First Ad Campaign For Disruptor Estate Agent Brand,

Property market disruptor, today launch their first ever advertising campaign created by Neil A Dawson & Company. is a unique challenger brand in the property industry. It’s the only agent who manage property sale and purchase with one beginning-to-end service, aiming to take the well-documented stress out of the property seller/buyer chain.  Their buying agents have secured savings of £1.7million to-date, negotiating an average discount of £31,000 on each purchase.

Briefed with launching to the London market and to highlight’s unique double offering, Neil A Dawson & Company showed what it would be like if other professions only did half their job, with hilarious results.

On air this week are three 30” spots – Ambulance, Midwife and Restaurant – running across London TV channels and online. 

In ‘Ambulance’, a usually heroic team of paramedics literally eject a poor unsuspecting patient on a wheelie trolley out of the vehicle, armed with his only his notes and expected to make his own way to hospital.  In ‘Midwife’, we see an expecting Mother and Father abandoned at the most crucial point of labour. Then in ‘Restaurant’, the chicken and beef dishes are rare to the point of still breathing.

TV will be followed up with radio and outdoor in April.

Ben Bailey, Head of Brand and Communications, commented: “Working with Neil and his team has been a pleasure and I’m thrilled with the outcome. This unique platform has given Nested a range of compelling executions to amplify our voice across TV, radio and beyond. I’m over the moon with the use of humour to call out the problems with the property industry, and I’m excited to see how these adverts will help Nested achieve our vision of redefining estate agency” 

“ has been a joy to work on and they have been a joy to work with. They have a clear USP which is a wonderful place to start”, added Neil Dawson, founder of Neil A Dawson & Company, “But crucially they also understand the power of creativity and the need for their message to cut through the clutter.”

Source: Neil A Dawson & Company

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