New study: Macmillan, Cancer Research UK and Dog’s Trust are ‘most loved’ charities in UK

Charity love is pivotal to donations, recommendations, trust, understanding

Britain’s most loved charities have been revealed in new research by intelligence business, Savanta. Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK and Dog’s Trust take the top three spots in the BrandVue Most Loved Charities Report, which draws on 60,000 interviews annually. 

The report also shows the clear benefits of charities creating a positive emotional connection with the public, with people who love an organisation being more likely to donate to it; trust it; volunteer for it and act as an advocate. For example, those who love a charity are more than five times (5.7x) as likely to have supported them in the past 12 months.

Using data from Savanta’s intelligence platform, BrandVue Charities, the report also highlights the top three charities in each of eight sectors, including animal welfare (the most loved category overall), children and families and disability.  

This ratio is even more powerful for certain charities:, the support rate of those that are passionate about charity Mencap is more than ten times (10.4x) that of those who don’t love the charity as much, and this rises to close to fifteen-fold in the cases of Make-A-Wish (13.2x) and The National Autistic Society (14.8x) respectively. 

People who love the top three charities in each sector also have an average of 4.4 times higher understanding of the organisations and their cause or mission (73%) compared to those who are more lukewarm towards these charities (20%). 

The study also shows that loved charities are significantly more trusted by the general public – an important factor considering some high-profile charity crises of trust in recent years. An average of eight out of ten respondents who love the top three charities trust them (80%). This share is three times higher than people with lower affinity (24%). 

Nicola Marsh, Social and Political Research Director at Savanta, commented: “Love can serve as a vehicle to increase both financial and in-kind support for a specific charity , and this is quantified by our report. Inspiring love among the general public is in the interest of each charity that operates in a saturated sector. The anchor point is love.” 

Focusing on charity giving, the average one-off donations amongst people who love the top three charities are up by +3% compared to those who feel less passionately. And crucial regular financial donations are up by +24% amongst the same group. Similarly, the purchase of branded charity merchandise grows by +6% amongst those who love the top three brands.  

Meanwhile, volunteering grows by +19% amongst respondents who love the top three charities compared to those with lower affinity. And the propensity to take on the role of informal brand ambassadors and to support organisations by word of mouth as well as online grows by +69% and +5% respectively amongst those who love the top three charities.

A link to the Top 100 charts is here:!AqyU5haFxPgj9mc1qJgUsTOWcZYj?e=24Khpe

Data is drawn from Savanta’s market intelligence platform, BrandVue Charities: the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and customer tracking engine on the market.  

The full report is available to download here:

Source: Savanta

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