Preoday launches Global Dashboard for multi-site businesses

Preoday launched its new dashboard for multi-site venues allowing food and drink businesses to make changes across all or a selection of their outlets at once.

With the Global Dashboard, Preoday is enabling its clients to make changes to a range of features at once across sites, including menus, prices, taxes, users, promotions, styling, and pop-up tags. It also allows a single view of analytics across all or a selection of outlets. Users can easily create groups of locations to work on, as well as select multiple sites.

Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday, says, “This new dashboard will be invaluable for multi-site restaurants and other businesses with multiple outlets. They will be able to update their different sites as they wish, either individually, in groups, or all at once. We look forward to introducing this dashboard to all of our clients with more than one site.”

The Global Dashboard is being offered as standard to clients as part of the platform offering, at no extra cost. It also works with Preoday’s new Hotline functionality so that orders taken by phone can be integrated with digital ordering. Preoday will continue to evolve the dashboard to include further functionality.

Source: Preoday

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