Riot Games ‘Nexus’

Riot Games ‘Nexus’ from electriclimefilms on Vimeo.

Riot games worked closely with electriclimefilms to produce a film teaser promoting ‘The Nexus Arabia 2019’ event that launched at the beginning of December in Saudi Arabia.

Director/DOP duo Pabz Alexander & Damiano Fieramosca engaged harmoniously to incorporate traditional Arab culture into the film mainly through talent and locations. From a traditional arab souk to old urban streets with neon lights and an abandoned building with an arabesque decor, a touch of pure Arab vibes were achieved. The viewer follows 3 middle eastern characters throughout the film, two male leads and one female lead, who are drawn to powerful gems while being set to explore different spaces in their own surroundings.

The film heroes are walking in their own paths on different alleys and roadways when their final destinations all lead to a unique shard of a crystal. The glowing pieces emanate soft-hued light, and as they reach out simultaneously to hold it, the film comes to an end.

The film was shot on an Arri Alexa Mini paired with a set of Cooke anamorphic lenses (32mm, 50mm, 65mm, 100mm). The outcome of soft images was created through this wide range of lenses. And with the heavy use of black pro mist filters, Pabz and Damiano achieved images that were aesthetically diffused and accented with light flares to create an intimate feeling that immerses the audience as well as our heroes. Using iconic imagery from the locations to highlight each region reaching out to audiences from Egypt, Saudi, and Dubai. This shows how League of Legends has the ability to transcend regions and locales brings a fresh, modern look that becomes approachable to fans and strangers of the game alike.

Source: electriclimefilms

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