Almost Friday Media teams up with Barrett Hofherr to launch Friday Beers in New York

Almost Friday Media has partnered with creative agency Barrett Hofherr for the launch of their namesake beer brand, Friday Beers. Friday Beers debuts in the New York area on April 27th, 2024. They are coming to New York after releasing their beer in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

A media platform, production company, and lifestyle brand, Friday Beers was born in New York City as a singular Instagram account in 2019. Since then, it has exploded across culture to become one of the fastest growing comedy companies in the world. Friday Beers makes content dedicated to that distinct feeling that Friday represents and has evolved to become Almost Friday Media. Their following consists of highly engaged 21-45 year olds and more than 20M+ total followers.

The original and flagship brand, Friday Beers, has always had a mission: to bring beer back. After years of seltzers dominating feeds and the shelf space at every retailer — Friday Beers has arrived and stands for that feeling that making it to the end of a long week always delivers.

“Friday Beers comes from New York City. My brothers Max, Sam, and I are kids from Greenwich, Connecticut. Our grandpa and our dad took the Metro North train into the city and back every day for work. I lived there for 10 years after I graduated from college and it’s where Max, Sam, and I founded Friday Beers,” said Jack Barrett, CEO of Almost Friday Media. “The culture and comedy we’ve built owes so much to that New York state of mind. We could not be more hyped to bring this beer to the place that has given us so much.”

Almost Friday initially soft-launched in the Boston area at the end of 2023. This New York state plan is a big part of their rollout for 2024. Together with Barrett Hofherr, they aim to make Friday Beers a high profile national brand.

“Friday Beers is a cultural phenomenon,” said Jamie Barrett, co-founder of Barrett Hofherr. “As we help introduce their new tasty light beer, our job is to bring the voice and sensibility of Friday Beers to an even bigger and broader group of consumers. We promise beer marketing and beer advertising will never be the same.”

Source: Barrett Hofherr

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