Arbor Day 2024: “/Imagine”, an AI-generated campaign to use our Natural Intelligence

For this year’s Arbor Day, Aktion Baum launches a visually stunning campaign staged by FRASER, which will be rolled out in print, (D)OOH, cinemas, and on social media with a media volume of more than one million euros for three weeks.

One-third of Germany’s area (11.4 million hectares) is covered by forests. The official annual forest condition survey by the federal government shows that damages continue to be at a very high level. According to the Forest Condition Report 2022, only one-fifth of all trees in the country are healthy. Huge areas are dying before our eyes, 400,000 hectares – 3% of Germany’s total forest area – in the past 4 years alone.

Areas of our forests that were once green and full of life are in danger of becoming barren – a dystopian perspective on regions that Germans know from their immediate surroundings, almost like a wound that FRASER‘s campaign touches upon.

FRASER’s chief creative Fernando Barbella and his team have created an AI-generated photo series for the nationwide campaign, depicting perspectives of forest areas in different parts of our country – such as the Black Forest or the Bavarian Forest, forests in the Sauerland and in Harz, the Taunus Forest, and the Strausberger Forest near Berlin – and showing how the AI imagines our forests in the near future.

“We wanted to create a perspective that motivates Germans to act to prevent these catastrophic scenarios,” said Lars Hermes, founder and managing director of Aktion Baum gGmbH. “In these times when we all use artificial intelligence for fun, we want to remind people to use their own intelligence to engage with real and tangible things – such as planting urgently needed trees.”

“The campaign is also called ‘/Imagine’ because, at Midjourney, with which we worked on this, every prompt begins with this word” added Fernando Barbella from FRASER. “We are very happy we can support Lars and his fellow campaigners with this action!”

As media partners, Aktion Baum is supported by WallDecaux, Sitour, BurdaForward, Cinemotion, OneFootball, the Berliner Courier, and the Berliner Zeitung.

Source: FRASER

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