Santander Presents ‘FIEELD’, The Device That Allows Blind People to Feel Football

• The Bank is continuing with its activities to vindicate football’s capacity to transform people’s lives. • The campaign has been carried out by creative agency Havas Spain together with NOW, the group’s innovation and technology unit responsible for development of the Fieeld device. • The protagonists of the campaign were recognised by FIFA for their exemplary passion for football.

Santander Bank has taken a step further with its firm commitment to football as an agent for change with Fieeld, a device that allows blind people to feel football like they’ve never felt it before. 

This is the latest development under Santander’s ‘Football Can’ campaign created by the creative agency Havas Spainwhereby the Bank brings fans “the best football in the world”. According to Enrique Arribas, from Santander: “We believe in the power of football to inspire us and take us to new heights. For us, football is progress. No other sport has this capacity to transform people’s lives and society as a whole, achieving the impossible and altering the course of reality to allow even blind people to feel a football match the way they’d always dreamed.” 

Fieeld is the first ever touch-based sports retransmission system, allowing users to follow the movements of the ball and the trajectory of plays using their fingertips. Fieeld was created and developed by NOW, the unit specialising in innovation and creative technology at Havas Group. 

The device converts the data gathered by player tracking and replicates the play, transferring the ball’s position to the user’s hands thanks to a system of high-definition cameras that cover the entire football field. To publicise the device, Santander is launching a powerful campaign based on the true story of Nickollas (Nicko), a Brazilian boy aged 12 who was born blind and is obsessed with football. A moving two-minute clip produced by BLUR shows how Santander Bank and Fieeld allowed Nicko to feel football like he’d never felt it before. 

Source: HAVAS


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