‘Tame That Bear’ with emergency cash, says Sunny in new campaign by Brothers and Sisters

Sunny, the online lender, is launching a new TV ad – the latest instalment in the brand’s on-going ‘Life Support’ campaign.

The ad, created by Brothers and Sisters, transports viewers to a faraway place where a couple are shown enjoying a camper van getaway in a picturesque forest, when a bear appears from nowhere.

The bear is shown scratching an itch using the side of the camper van, which damages the van inside and out, threatening to leave the couple stranded in the middle of nowhere.

But Sunny loans can help with the unexpected accidents in life that can conspire against you. So the couple and their camper-van can be saved after all, explains Sunny’s brand character – the ever-helpful ‘Sonny with an O’ –as he scratches the bear’s back for him and saves the day.

Will Flack, Executive Creative Director at Brothers and Sisters said: “We always enjoy writing to this idea and this time it’s a bear with an unbearable itch that represents those unpredictable curveballs that life likes to throw at us.”

Lauren Darby, VP Marketing, Sunny, said: “All of our campaigns are rooted in extensive consumer research. From customer insights we know that solutions offered by, ‘Sonny with an O’ resonate really well with our audience. After all, everyone has unexpected and often inconvenient moments in life where things just don’t go to plan. And it’s in those moments that Sunny can offer Life Support.”

The campaign is the latest iteration of Sunny’s Life Support campaign, first introduced in 2016 alongside ‘Sonny with an O’ and will premiere on Tuesday 1st May.

The campaign will then continue to run throughout the year. All media planning and buying is managed by Goodstuff.

Source: Brothers and Sisters

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