‘The Beauty of Live’ Report Reveals Live Music Events Are the Global Launchpad for Beauty and Grooming Trends Among Gen Z and Millennials

Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company, released “The Beauty of Live,” a report that captures makeup, skin care and grooming trends among Gen Z and millennial live music fans before, during and after concerts and festivals across the U.S. and U.K. 

Live music events are the ultimate playground for beauty inspiration and experimentation, emboldening fans to debut trend-setting looks, play with new techniques and products, and visually articulate their identities. With 92% of fans having posted photos or videos from live music events on social media, beauty trends that surface extend far beyond festival grounds and venue walls. 

Key insights from “The Beauty of Live”:

Live music events are a playground for self-expression and experimentation when it comes to beauty and grooming:

  • 81% enhance their look for a live music event 
  • 89% say they can be their truest self at music festivals 
  • 90% say all genders should feel free to express themselves with makeup

Fans put in more energy, money, and time with makeup and skin care for live music events:

  • Energy: 52% say knowing that they will be posting a photo/video on social media encourages them to put in more effort into their beauty routine 
  • Money: 2 in 3 females buy beauty products or fashion specifically for their live music look, spending $135/£80 on average per festival or concert; 1 in 2 males buy grooming products or fashion specifically for their live music look, spending $120/£73 on average per festival or concert 
  • Time: Female fans spend 2 hours, on average, getting ready for a live music event compared to 1.5 hours in their everyday life

Beauty Brands Need to Align with Fan Values Around Sustainability

  • 67% are less likely to support a brand that doesn’t practice sustainable behaviors 
  • 77% of females wish beauty products came in more sustainable packaging 
  • 70% of females say it’s important to them to use environmentally-friendly beauty products

Skin Care is a Rising Priority for Male Millennial & Gen Z Live Music-Goers

  • 49% say skincare has become more important to them in recent years 
  • 41% use moisturizer 
  • 40% would be interested in a grooming brand offering them a product kit to take care of their skin after a music festival

To learn more about what fans want from brands in live music, download Live Nation’s “The Beauty of Live” report at: livenationforbrands.com/beautyoflive

Source: Live Nation

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