The last conversation between Boris Johnson and the EU takes place  over Spotify

Brexit, it’s finally happening. What would be the last conversation between Boris Johnson and the EU? Would it be over the phone, by text, or even by mail?

Independent agency DUDE London thinks it would be through mixtapes. They just released two controversial Spotify playlists, using actual songs title to tell two very different stories. One playlist is addressed to Boris Johnson, giving him one last chance to remain in the EU. The other one is coming from Boris himself, telling the EU he’s leaving for good.

With those two mixtapes, people can express their opinion one last time, by following and sharing their favourite playlist.

Creative Nick Kugge says: “We’re a very international bunch here at DUDE London. And Brexit is obviously not the most popular topic among us. This project was a way to de-dramatise Brexit itself – and discover some really weird songs.”

You can check-out for yourself the two playlists here, and make some noise one last time for Brexit:

A Message to Boris

A Message From Boris

Source: DUDE London

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