The Witcher’s Myriapod Invades Our Screens For Season Two Launch From By The Network

It’s one of the most highly anticipated second series of this year, and finally on 17th December the wait was over for The Witcher fans around the world.

For the launch promotion of the popular series, Netflix partnered with independent agency network by The Network in a global collaboration of talent and ideas for a multi-channel, global roll out. 

Striking visuals of one of the gruesome monsters, The Myriapod, will be seen terrorizing 3D Digital Out of Home boards across major footfall areas in markets such as Italy, Thailand, NYC, Denmark and The Netherlands. 

The Bangkok, Thailand 3D installation is a 6,000 square feet augmented reality experience immersing viewers in the Witcher world featuring the Myriapod jumping from building to building.

The Time Square experience shows a Myriapod breaking the LED Screen, smashing it to the ground with virtual glass falling on passers-by below.

Other elements of the campaign include 16-foot snow globe installations around the world including Milan, Moscow, Buenos Aires, NYC, London and Berlin.

At first glance, it looks like a charming seasonal Christmas installation, but on closer look spectators are surprised upon discovering terrifying beast, the Myriapod, inside it.

An AR filter is here:

The global campaign runs in over 400 markets around the world, with creative alignment across all 5 continents, asset sharing, and creating a unified message. The campaign is co-ordinated by by The Network, with US based Founders as the lead agency. Mortier Brigade, Atom, Setters, Boys & Girls and Mr. Positive all participated.

Per Pedersen, Founder at by The Network said: “I’m really proud that Netflix picked by The Network for this global campaign, and as a Witcher fan I’m double proud to bring this amazing show to life in an unexpected and creative way.”

Tanya De Poli, Founder & COO at Founders, who led the launch globally said: “From watching Netflix every night to having the chance to lead this global campaign for one of the brands I admire the most, with such an amazing team both on the client and by The Network side is one of the highlights of my career thus far. It was such an honor to work with so many amazing teams across the globe to make this happen.” 

Source: by The Network

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