Trip In The Dark // Voskhod, Russia

Today’s society faces superabundance of visual stimuli of all sorts. Being overflown with colors and pictures, people can’t keep track of their emotions anymore. 

Vladimir Vaskevich – an entrepreneur and couch – has created a unique project called “Trip in the dark”. He conducts excursions around the city, and they are unusual in both content and format, as Vladimir is a visually impaired guide. 

The website we created for the project lets us dive into the world woven from sounds, touches, tastes and trust. Through an exquisite merging of art and technology, our past experience zeroes out and new one starts to form. 

A user encounters new ways of interaction with the Internet environment: through voice commands, audio marks and 3D orientation*. The more we explore the website, the brighter is the darkness around us. Street noise, humming, water drops, car horn are the new guide. 

The city sounds can be added to the cart thus compiling your individual route for the future trip. The reviews section tells about the enlightenment that the Trip gave to its guests. 

*The list of technologies used for the website development includes Cinema 4d, canvas, sound mapping, Google Voice-To-Speech service API, THREE.js, vue.js, svg-animation, Google maps API, browsers resources (motion orientation and voice recording).

Participants of the project: 

Voskhod, agency of creative solutions 

Creative director: Andrey Gubaydullin 

Creative digital director: Dmitry Maslakov 

Digital art director: Anna Maslyakova 

Tech lead: Vasily Tsykin

Digital designer: Liliya Zagidullina

Music: Slava R

Sound design and mastering: Mikhail Kokorin, Anna Maslyakova 

Photographer & cameraman: Alexey Udartsev 

Vladimir Vaskevich, a visually impaired guide and coach, author of “Trip in the dark” 

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