VANQUIS BANK Launches Major ‘Walk Tall’ Campaign

UK credit card provider Vanquis has launched a major new ATL campaign, designed to demonstrate their purpose – to help customers take control of their finances and improve their financial future. 

Vanquis – 'Walk Tall' – NOW from thisisnow on Vimeo.

Expected to reach 76% of the UK adult population, the integrated campaign demonstrates how Vanquis equips its customers to face the world with financial confidence. Its upbeat tone and positive messaging also chimes with wider public sentiment as the journey out of lockdown continues.

The “Walk Tall with Vanquis” campaign runs across TV, radio and digital, with the media strategy having been developed by Mediacom Leeds. It also kickstarts the integrated PR and social campaign created to further advocate the positive message. 

The 30-second TV ad represents the Vanquis customer in the form of a cat. He is walking tall on his hind legs, confident, happy and proud, having taken his first steps to improve his finances with a Vanquis credit card. The ad, set to Val Doonican’s ‘Walk Tall’, symbolises the feeling that a Vanquis credit card gives you. The feeling of being able to hold your head up high, put your best foot forward and walk tall as you start to take control of your financial future.

The advert was created by NOW and directed by Henry Littlechild at MPC Creative. Global creative studio MPC produced both the live-action and VFX for the campaign and have previously worked on animated blockbusters including the Lion King and Godzilla.

A lot of thought and attention went into the making of the photo-realistic cat. From his looks and personality, to his distinctive walk which was inspired by cultural references including Saturday Night Fever, Reservoir Dogs and Singin’ in the Rain. The walk was projected live on set using a proprietary app, then fully animated, lit, rendered and textured during post-production.

Ever changing travel restrictions made for tricky planning as the ad was shot in January 2021 during UK’s third lockdown. With special permission from the Bulgarian government to travel and with regular testing on the set, the team were able to go ahead with filming at the COVID-secure Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia.

Thomas Allder, Customer Director at Vanquis, said: “After months of planning and development, we’re really excited for the launch of our ‘Walk Tall’ campaign – our first major campaign since 2019. It all started with focus groups, where our target customers told us that they wanted to see future-focussed, positive messages when thinking about their finances. This is exactly what this campaign embodies. It puts Vanquis firmly back on the map, clearly communicating how we support people as they take back control of their financial future, boost their confidence and therefore walk that little bit taller”.

Ben da Costa, Chief Creative Officer at NOW, adds: “What better way to demonstrate that a Vanquis credit card can help get you back on the front foot with your finances and feel confident again, than a track from the legend that is Val Doonican and your everyday cat walking on its hind legs?”

Ben Moakler, Business Director at MediaCom, concluded: “The Walk Tall campaign is all about financial confidence and positivity, it’s important that the media strategy reinforces that. We’re using mood and mindset data to pinpoint the right moments in the week, ensuring our ad reaches people when they are feeling most confident and positive.”

Vanquis credit cards and loans are designed to help customers improve their credit rating and offer a simple application and a credit limit that only rises in line with a customer’s ability to repay.  

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Source: Vanquis Bank

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