Work For Good Partners With Sunhouse For A Brand Refresh With Purpose

Independent brand design agency Sunhouse has supported Work for Good in its relaunch with a brand refresh that is from the heart. In bringing clarity and humanity to the brand, the updated identity will bolster Work for Good in its mission to help charities raise the money they need by empowering small businesses to do good.

Businesses who want to give to charity often discover a minefield of red tape and complexity in doing so. As a facilitator, champion and advocate for small business giving, Work for Good cut through this, unlocking untapped, sustainable income for charities. As their members community continued to grow, so did their need for a more consistent and impactful visual identity. While it was important to clearly communicate the features and details of its service, the refresh also needed to bring out the personality of the brand, reflecting the commitment and culture of Work for Good’s hard-working team.

“When we saw the brief, we immediately knew we wanted to do it,” comments Tom Maurice, Founder at Sunhouse. “Beyond being able to do good work, we recognised the opportunity to do good, and were keen to become partners with an organisation that had a mission we truly believed in.”

The refreshed identity brings Work for Good’s purposeful proposition to life with warmth and confidence, giving their team the tools they need to continue to support their stakeholders, scale their endeavours and succeed in their mission.

With a new lowercase font, Work for Good’s updated wordmark is now more contemporary and approachable. The logo is finished with a hand-drawn heart to better convey Work for Good’s philanthropic purpose and a full-stop to punctuate the simplicity of its service. A new colour palette adds variety and diversity to the brand’s communications, while a unique illustration style gives Work for Good the flexibility to better depict the work it and its members do with warmth, authenticity and care.

“The refresh moves the brand from a corporate territory into a more human-centric space, giving Work for Good the freedom to wear its heart on its sleeve,” comments James Giles, Creative Director at Sunhouse. “With this new vitality and a stronger connection to its purpose, we hope we’ve evolved the brand in such a way that Work for Good’s internal team as well as its members will be proud and excited to use.”

“From day one, Sunhouse have been phenomenal partners. The refresh they’ve done has helped us come together as a team, opening up the possibilities for the future whilst staying true to who we are,” comments Veronica Bamford-Deane, Managing Director at Work for Good. “They really listened to us, finding the value in our brand and bringing it out with warmth. Not only has it instilled a new sense of pride, but it has also given us a new way to talk about Work for Good that will no doubt help us continue our work in inspiring and empowering small businesses to do good.”

Inspired by Work for Good’s mission, Sunhouse decided to give back their design fee using the fundraising platform. For twenty-four days leading up to Christmas, the agency donated to a different charity. This was accompanied by an illustration showcase on Instagram to help raise awareness for each of the organisations.

“Working with Work for Good has energised the Sunhouse team, bringing us together on a project that really helped put our Positively Different philosophy into action,” comments Maurice. “It is making us reassess how we run our own business and inspiring us to find more ways to do good in all that we do.”

Source:  Sunhouse

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