You, Me and the Planet: Biles Hendry creates brand identity and packaging for new social enterprise MELIOR.

MELIOR is a fresh face among household cleaning products and a new social enterprise, championed by its passionate founder Diane Cheung. MELIOR’s purpose is three fold, to offer more effective cleaning products, treading only ‘lightly on the planet’, while employing people with disabilities who are often overlooked for employment thereby setting an example to others.

The range includes three products: Bathroom Hero, All Purpose Hero and Stain Remover Hero. MELIOR have used the latest innovation in cleaning technology, developing cleaning products that harness science to keep your house clean in a natural way. Interestingly, the products keep on cleaning after they have been used – the power of enzymes!

“We first met Diane while she was working for another social enterprise. When she shared this new and exciting business idea with us, we jumped straight onboard! MELIOR’s mission is to grab, with both hands, greater social responsibility, looking at how they and we impact on the world, whilst producing very effective cleaning products. Diane has such a great energy and her genuine desire to do things better, all things better, it is inspiring, compelling and very magnetic”, says Anthony Biles, Founder and Creative Director of Biles Hendry.

The design agency worked closely with the founder of MELIOR to develop the brand strategy, forming a solid foundation upon which the brand and design was built. Ross Hamilton, Design Director at Biles Hendry comments: “Diane and her team had come up with the name MELIOR, which is latin for ‘better’. We wrote a brand proposition statement that built on this around ‘people and planet first’.There was a wonderful light bulb moment when we spotted that we could create a design that read both ‘You, Me & The Planet’ and ‘You, MELIOR & The Planet’. It felt ver y on the nose – after all, we’re in this together.”

Disrupting category norms to make a clear point about being different, the packaging uses rich earthy colours, simple typography and an honest uncompromising statement, confidently shying away from shouty graphics and violent colours. MELIOR’s forthcoming artists collection will support emerging creative talent by providing a platform upon which they can add life to the MELIOR logo through customisation, resulting in beautiful limited editions.

Reflecting back on the journey so far Diane Cheung says, “I wanted to merge a beautiful product, both on emotional and visual level, with kindness and effectiveness. And Biles Hendry helped MELIOR deliver that with aplomb.Their relentless pursuit of world class design has been evident from day one and I credit them for bringing MELIOR’s heart and soul to life. Every interaction is filled with joy, not just the joy of beautiful design but the joy of working side by side on a project that will help disabled people back into employment. I could not have imagined a more perfect partner and I think the result speaks for itself.“

MELIOR launches on 19th February 2021 and is available to purchase via Instagram: @meliorlondon

Source: Biles Hendry

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