Zenith UK continues to foster great talent with four management team promotions

Zenith UK also announces new head of programmatic, Matthew Bushby

Today, Zenith UK chief executive Natalie Cummins has promoted Sannah Rogers and Jon Stevens both to Managing Director. Rogers will lead on agency operations and Stevens on client service. 

Cummins also announces two additional promotions from within the agency. 

Richard Kirk, who joined Zenith UK as Managing Partner (Strategy & Data) earlier this year, has been appointed Chief Strategy Officer. Kirk has been described as a classic Zenith ‘boomerang’, who returned to Zenith after a stint at Amazon. 

Matt Skelding, Client Partner, becomes Managing Partner, Head of Planning. 

Also on the management team are David Mulrenan (Head of investment), Thiago Correa (Head of Performance Media) and Sam Dias (Head of Marketing Effectiveness).     

In addition to these promotions, Cummins has also appointed a new head of programmatic, Matthew Bushby, who will report into David Mulrenan. Matthew joins Zenith from Mediacom. 

CEO of Zenith UK, Natalie Cummins, said, “Jon and Sannah are both ex-new business leads so they know what it takes to win; this is the reason we have been so successful in pitching this year. With Rich Kirk, Matt and Sam bringing the media craft chops and Dave and Thiago experts in activation, I feel like we have a brilliant combination of talent at the top to make sure we keep delivering for our clients and continue winning in 2020.”

Source: Zenith UK

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