Agency offers £1 MILLION of discounted media space to businesses struggling with COVID-19 impacts

Businesses struggling to reach customers during the Covid-19 crisis are being offered £1,000,000 of heavily discounted media space. That’s thanks to British agency Edit, part of Kin + Carta (who specialise in media, technology and data) and its partner network.

The ‘CrEdit’ fund set up by Edit, will offer TV airtime, Media Inserts, Print and other marketing services to businesses that need advertising but have limited funds, specifically those in Charity, Financial Services or Grocery Retail sectors.  

Partners include the likes of ITV, SKY and Channel 4 for airtime services, and print partners include national press such as The Telegraph, Daily Mirror, The Times and The Guardian, alongside others.

Many businesses are struggling with their marketing effectiveness, due to huge economic uncertainty. However, ironically, it’s a great time to advertise. Media space is more accessible than ever, and many media channels arguably have more effective reach against a large captive audience. 

With a 44% increase in TV viewing across the nation and a 34% increase in online newspaper readers, now more than ever, industries are looking at how they might continue to reach their audiences and the cost of doing so. The CrEdit fund will be accessible to those businesses who feel they most need marketing support at this time.

The Salvation Army are just one of the charities Edit work with to support their cause and create marketing that matters in order to gain public donations. In a turnaround of one week during March, the charity worked with Edit to create an emergency press campaign to generate donations as quickly as possible to fund their response to COVID-19.

In those seven days, the agency secured £32,000 of media space for just £15.5K, a considerable saving of 52% on the charity’s marketing spend. The value proved in turn to turn in an extra 75 donations to the cause and over £6,000 in donations from the campaign. Rated as a success, the partnership has helped The Salvation Army to continue helping others through some of the toughest times yet.

“At Edit, we’re always trying to add value for our clients; over the past week our media team has reached out to our partners and secured heavily discounted media space (to the value of £1,000,000), to help those who are worst hit and rebuild charities donation pipeline.

We currently work with charities such as the Salvation Army and The Blind Veterans to support with their donation pipeline through our media connections and space. With heavily discounted rates being offered by the media at this time, we have worked with them to secure better airtime rates and more successful ROI’s ” says Ben Briggs, Media Director at Edit.

In addition to this, Edit’s partners have also generously given up some free consultancy which covers creative & utilising technology to make sure marketing efforts work even harder during this time.  

If you are a business that would like to apply for the CrEdit fund, then please get in touch here.

Source: Edit, part of Kin + Carta

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