B2B Marketing Investment Continues To Increase In 2022

● 79% consider B2B marketing very important to business growth
● 64% are looking to refresh B2B digital marketing plans this year
● 60% planning to increase B2B digital marketing spend this year
● 82% consider a focus on sustainability key for B2B digital marketing in 2022

Creative technology studio Appetite Creative Solutions, today released results from its second annual B2B Marketing Survey. Over three quarters (79%) of respondents consider B2B marketing very important to business growth, and over half (64%) are looking to refresh digital marketing plans this year.

B2B marketing is considered an important new business driver (34%), helps deliver sales and ecommerce (22%), and creates strong brand identity (20%). With 60% planning to increase digital marketing spend this year. Over a quarter (27%) are looking to increase spending up to £10,000 and a third (31%) up to £5,000.

Key media channels considered effective in 2022 include digital out of home (24%), podcasts (24%), print and trade press (12%), and TV and radio (10%). This is a slight year on year shift in approach with print press (28% in 2021) and podcasts (34% in 2021) remaining popular channels. An uptick in the use of out of home (7% in 2021) is likely due to the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions.

As part of marketing strategy refresh plans for this year, respondents are specifically looking at investing in social media (27%), website (15%), branding (12%) and video (12%). This is a similar mix compared to last year, with a significant year on year drop in video (61% in 2021). 

A new question for this year reveals that most respondents (82%) consider a focus on sustainability importantfor B2B digital marketing in 2022, with three quarters (75%) stating that developing a sustainable campaign is very important. 

“The research shows a continued optimism across the advertising industry, with a slight shift in priority media channels due to an increase in people out and about following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions. Digital advertising experienced a year on year boost with brands increasing overall B2B investment to drive business growth,” said Jenny Stanley, Managing Director at Appetite Creative. 

“Our research indicated that marketers are starting to trial and invest in new technologies such as AR and the metaverse. Continued innovation is important in the B2B sector to help meet business objectives, and ensure campaigns benefit from new opportunities technology offers. The move towards sustainable advertising also looks to be a dominant focus for the foreseeable future. Looking ahead, I’m once again feeling positive about the opportunities B2B marketing offers to businesses this year.” 

Source: Appetite Creative Solutions

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