Birds Eye Launch New Breakfast Range with a Fresh Take on ‘Waffly Versatile’

Havas Worldwide London has launched a TV ad for the new range of breakfast pancakes, croissants and waffles for Birds Eye, bringing back the much-loved 80’s ‘Waffly Versatile’ jingle. Finger Music was enlisted to re-create the famous song for a new series of ads, directed by Olly Williams at Another Film Company.

20160506123012The original 1980’s ‘Waffly Versatile’ TVCs promoted Birds Eye’s famous potato waffle. The new spots intend to bring the same charm and familiarity to the promotion of the new Hello Morning! breakfast range, which includes tasty morning alternatives to the traditional toast and cereal.

“This was such a nostalgia trip for us. It’s a really fun series of commercials that have all the joys of the original most of us remember from childhood but with a contemporary twist,” comments Clare McGrath, Executive Producer at Finger Music.

The primary musical objective for the campaign was to stay as close as possible to the original for instrumentation and vocal sound, but modernise the track with the new sound effects and lyrics. Finger enlisted composer, Ant Adams, and LA-based singer, Greg Lastrapes, to re-create the original music to fit the new lyrics for the song.

20160506122906Clare adds: “Ant is a brilliantly talented composer, who creates authentic music on any instrument he lays his hands on. It was fantastic to have him on-board for this project, and it was equally important that the vocalist we chose could mimic the distinctive original vocals and adapt to the new lyrics. Together, Ant and Greg worked to create a brilliant revival of the Birds Eye Waffle jingle”

Steve Chantry, Birds Eye Marketing Director, comments: “The new ad campaign is an exciting moment for Birds Eye, as not only does it bring a new product to the breakfast table, but it gives a nod to the heritage of the brand and reminds Brits of a moment from their pasts. Ensuring we provide versatile products for shoppers is key to the brand, as we want them to remember that for any meal occasion Birds Eye has a solution that caters to all needs and tastes.”

Birds Eye’s ‘Hello Morning’ ad can be seen during Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday 7th.


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