Budweiser Brazil turns songs that mention the brand into targeted ads on Spotify playlists

The brand’s initiative is an unprecedented project on the audio platform and replaces the traditional advertising format

Those who don’t subscribe to the premium version of Spotify knows that the ads can ruin the vibe of their favorite playlists. But Budweiser created a new way of advertising with UninterruptAds: a pioneering initiative that converts songs that mention the brand’s name into targeted ads within the platform in Brazil. When brazilan’s team identified that their name is present in more than 500 tracks available on Spotify, the beer brand decided to transform this spontaneous promotion into ads that don’t interrupt the listener’s moment.

Songs like My Luv, by the brazilian artist Kafé, were carefully programmed to be advertised in playlists that correspond to their genre, ensuring a smooth integration with the user experience. Launched in April, the project created by the Africa Creative agency reinforces Budweiser‘s commitment to valuing both fans and artists, enriching the Spotify experience for the public and offering greater visibility to the artists who, indirectly, promoted the brand through years.

“With this strategy, Budweiser shows that, beyond supporting, it is also part of music. The brand authentically inserts itself into the music scene, promoting a deeper connection with fans and artists”, said Daniel Wakswaser, CMO at Ambev, in Brazil.

Thais Altschuller, Beverage Client Partner at Spotify, also commented on the initiative. “This project used audio format as a form of content, completely innovative in the segment. In addition we segment the campaign for specific audiences and rhythms, making the ad super organic for users.”, added Altschuller.

Source: Budweiser Brazil

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