Creative Studio Designs For One Of Biggest Influencers In Beauty

Packaging Design for Beauty Retailer Collaboration

One of the biggest influencers in the world of beauty NikkieTutorials has collaborated with online beauty destination Beauty Bay to launch a new makeup palette, which is being backed by a multi-channel digital marketing campaign.

The YouTube sensation, who has more than 14m Instagram followers world-wide and 13.5m subscribers, worked with Manchester brand and design studio MERó who developed her personal ideas into artwork for both the packaging and branding concept.

MERó’s creative director Andy Culbert explains how they took meaningful aspects of Nikkie’s life to create the stunning and unique packaging concept: 

“The packaging design is a clever combination of different aspects of Nikkie’s life and personality while staying true to the Beauty Bay brand.

“It’s based on the idea of a Temple, the name Nikkie gives to her studio where she creates her globally acclaimed makeup videos. The concept of the temple wraps around the packaging design and features illustrations and colours that are very personal to Nikkie.

“One side of the gate fold plays on the colourful, happy and sweet side of Nikkie’s individuality – it’s bright, bold and beautiful. Under Nikkie’s guidance, in contrast we then show a darker side of the temple to reflect that most people have  worries, fears and ups and downs in life. 

“We also took inspiration from Nikkie’s tattoos, which portray these two contrasting but connected sides of her life, and her famous approach of showing two different looks on each half of a face.   

“On the reverse, further illustrations show more of Nikkie’s life journey and personality, set within the 3D illustration of a Roman-style inspired temple. Some of the colours from the playful side were carefully introduced on the dark side so that it could show the connection between them.

“An outer sleeve portrays the idea of being able to peek into Nikkie’s life and this exciting new product ‘through a cut out key hole’ which reveals more.”  

Andy added: “It’s been amazing to work with both Nikkie and Beauty Bay on this project. Nikkie inspires so many people and is one of the most popular and beloved beauty make-up artists in the world, in part thanks to her honest and open approach. Being able to create something that’s so personal to her has been a phenomenal opportunity for us and we look forward to seeing the response to the new product and design.”   

The new design was unveiled by both Nikkie and Beauty Bay on 27th August (6pm) and products are available from 31st August.

MERó has worked with Beauty Bay for more than three years. During this time the agency has created its full brand identity, digital experience and designed brand and packaging concepts for previous influencer collaborations.

 Image Credits: Beauty Bay

Source: MERó

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